Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Older women looking for younger men

The trend that has emerged of late where women who have advanced in age and are tirelessly looking to hook up with younger men has just authenticated the statement 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' . This statement cannot be regarded as not true anymore because women are no more concerned with the physical attributes of a man but their focus is on age.
here are some major reasons why the older women are looking for younger men
1. They are respectful while people are still young and of a tender age there is one lesson that keeps on recurring be it in school or at home that one has to respect their elders irrespective of whether they are companions or strangers. Therefore the younger man will always look up to the woman for inspiration and also guidance or even financial support which would not be the case with a person of the same age group.

2. They are interesting and always fun to be with. lt comes in a an automatic rule of the thumb that a man who is years younger than you will be more fun loving than a a man who you are in the same age group. older women dating will definitely look for younger men.

3. Older men do not want to date women of their same age group. lt has also become an emerging trend that older men are also looking for younger women therefore women of their age remain unloved and have to shift their focus to younger men. This can be considered a smart option since they also need to feel the bliss that comes along with having a love companion.
4. They are always under pressure to please you. Younger men have the impression that these older women have been to more exotic places met with many other men throughout their age and therefore have to try very hard to impress both inside and outside the bedroom.

5. Older women have the power to lure younger men. if what an older woman needs is a man who is young, energetic and experienced, then she will definitely get it because she has the money, the looks and she is also psychologically mature to get a younger a man into her space.

6. They bring out the bet in older women. older women looking for younger men who are always constantly looking up to them for mentor ship and love also have that pressure not ever to disappoint them. So they start looking beautiful and working even harder not to disappoint their companion.

7. Younger men are more adventurous Younger men are sexually active and this is always what older are longing for because men of their age have reached a point where they can longer keep the high levels of energy needed for them to feel satisfied.

8. They need a better word than cougar Younger men make feel these women feel loved, smart and experienced they have to prove to those who refer to them as cougars wrong because it makes them feel like their dignity has been undermined be specific on cougar dating sites.

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